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Action Maisons

Action Maisons, Your House!

Choose factory-built housing, designed according to the highest standards in the industry.

Your house without unpleasant surprises
The amount of your investment is assessed, using a clearly defined contract. Our goal is to avoid uncertainties and eliminate the unexpected.

Your house delivered on time
Since your house is built indoors, deadlines are always met. We understand the importance your new house has for you and your family and make a point of honouring the delivery date.

Your house according to your taste
Our teams of professional designers offer you customized plans according to your tastes and needs. You make all your choices in the same place - our showroom.

Your house, your project
It is possible to access your project during various stages of progress. You can decide on the work you want us to do and the things you would like to handle yourself. Action Maisons offers you lots of flexibility.

Your well-built house
Our manufacturing methods are at the cutting edge of technology, and all our houses undergo several rigorous quality controls. We use superior quality materials, dry and resistant, as well as a construction method sheltered from bad weather. We exceed building code standards.

Your house justly priced
Action Maisons has a significant purchasing volume and therefore competitive prices. The production line is designed for efficiency, for error- free work and for zero waste. Our in-factory and on-site manufacturing methods eliminate waste to a maximum. Everything is optimized to limit losses, and this is reflected in the pricing of our houses!

For a house or a garage without nasty surprises, consider Action Maisons! 

Action Maisons
955, rang des Cdres
(Qubec), CANADA
G0Z 1E0

Phone : 819-225-4505 / 1-855-225-4505