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This is as close as you can get to the cottage of your dream without having to built everything yourself. Let the prefabricated cottage manufacturers do the job for you. According to your plans, they will build a cottage or country house that will suit your needs and expectations.

Confort Design Maisons usinées
For superior design and insulation… at the lowest price! The reference in term of quality. Our commitment : your satisfaction. Unbeatable insulation R-30.5 walls and R-50 roofing.

Le Maître constructeur St-Jacques inc.
Le Maître constructeur St-Jacques inc. is a family-run company working in the Quebec market of manufactured homes for 20 years now. With an always growing reputation, Le Maître constructeur St-Jacques offers to customers manufactured houses that combine perfectly design and comfort as well as a higher level of security and guarantee.

Maisons Usinées Côté inc.
The family-owned company Maisons Usinées Côté mainly specialises in the making of prefabricated homes such as bungalows, 2-storey houses and chalets.

Action Maisons
For a house or a garage without nasty surprises, consider Action Maisons!

Batitech Ltd. is a company specializing in the field of home construction manufacturing, It's mission is to build quality homes, guaranteeing savings, security and satisfaction. To meet the demands of its customers, Batitech offers 4 options, namely: Master home; Site manager; Ready-to-finish and Turnkey. Our construction methods are flexible and tailored to customer needs.

Expert Maison
With more than 40 years of expertise, Expert Maison, modular homes manufacturer and general contractor in machined construction, has built a solid reputation in modular construction in Quebec.

Hôm by Laprise
The new range of houses and cottages offers an attractive level of price, finish, quality and comfort to suit your budget. Compact, the range features 4 new trendy home styles and the fast-to-install and ready-to-connect Laprise pod technology.

Les Industries Bonneville
This fourth-generation family-run business has for mission to create, build and deliver unique housing concepts that defy trends with cutting-edge construction techniques.

Maisons Laprise inc.
Manufacturer and Master Builder of high performance pre-engineered custom homes. More than 775 beautiful home plans customizable and adaptable to your needs. Available in DIYourself, Shared Tasks or Turnkey projects. Custom homes for all styles and budgets.

Trag inc.
Located in East Farnham, Montérégie, TRAG is specialised in the making of prefabricated panel walls and floors. This company is recognised for the quality of its work with wood construction projects in the residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors.

Arontec inc. .
Manufacturing company located in the Laurentides selling and delivering piece-en-piece dovetail log homes in Quebec and around the world.

Constructions scandinaves (Les)
This company from Carleton is specialised in residential construction. It offers log homes that follow the old tradition of Scandinavian countries. The website includes photos.

Maisons Hestia
Manufacturer of log homes using the Scandinavian method. Solid and warm fireplaces for those wanting a better environment.