Prefabricated Homes Log

The log home gives you the impression of living in the middle of the forest. This house has great insulation and offers a simple assembling.

Timber Block
Revolutionary construction system. Timber Block log homes combine all the qualities and unique advantages of traditional log constructions, without the disadvantages associated with non-insulated systems.

Les Constructions de Bois Rond La Cime inc.
Les Constructions de Bois Rond La Cime are specialized in the building of log houses based on the Scandinavian technique, a traditional hand-made building method. This art of assembling wooden logs creates a house of beauty and nobility.

Maisons Hestia
Manufacturer of log homes using the Scandinavian method. Solid and warm fireplaces for those wanting a better environment.

Arontec inc. .
Manufacturing company located in the Laurentides selling and delivering piece-en-piece dovetail log homes in Quebec and around the world.

Constructions scandinaves (Les)
This company from Carleton is specialised in residential construction. It offers log homes that follow the old tradition of Scandinavian countries. The website includes photos.