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Our manufacturers offer you quality buildings which can accommodate as much apartments as office buildings. After discussing your needs with the team of contractors, you will be more capable of deciding the dimensions and the number of floors.

Trag inc.
Located in East Farnham, Montrgie, TRAG is specialised in the making of prefabricated panel walls and floors. This company is recognised for the quality of its work with wood construction projects in the residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors.

Maisons Laprise inc.
Manufacturer and Master Builder of high performance pre-engineered custom homes. More than 775 beautiful home plans customizable and adaptable to your needs. Available in DIYourself, Shared Tasks or Turnkey projects. Custom homes for all styles and budgets.

Barrette Structural Inc.
Barrette Structural manufactures and distributes roof trusses, prefabricated walls and Open Concept Floor System. Our team of experts pledges to guide and accompany our customers from start to finish while delivering products that are safe, sound and of the utmost quality.

Batitech Ltd. is a company specializing in the field of home construction manufacturing, It's mission is to build quality homes, guaranteeing savings, security and satisfaction. To meet the demands of its customers, Batitech offers 4 options, namely: Master home; Site manager; Ready-to-finish and Turnkey. Our construction methods are flexible and tailored to customer needs.

Habitations Nabco inc. (Les)
Whatever the type of home you are looking for, Habitations Nabco Inc. will make it in prefabricated panels and components (trusses, floor beams)

Constructions en Bois rond Amishk
This company is specialised in the construction of residential and commercial log structures. Presentation of the company, its building techniques and its costs. Offer also training.

Arontec inc. .
Manufacturing company located in the Laurentides selling and delivering piece-en-piece dovetail log homes in Quebec and around the world.