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Prefabricated Components Garages and Sheds

You wish to have a garage or shed that answers to all your needs? You are at the right place to choose a supplier that will get a perfect turnkey solution for you. You will be able to customise your garage and shed and even use the same materials and colours as your house to embellish the whole thing.

Maisons Bellevue
Maisons Bellevue builds and installs for you eco-energetic houses and building components that set themselves apart with their high-performance characteristics. The experts of Maisons Bellevue are also open to your ideas and suggestions.

Groupe Somac
Somac Group Inc. is a manufacturer of prefabricated detached garages as well as carports. Licensed general contractor, we offer the complete management of our sales in the greater Montreal area. We also distribute across Quebec through our dealer network Amvec.