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When comes the time to sign your purchase contract for a house or a building, it is highly recommended to hire a building inspector so that he can inspect the visible components of your future purchase. In fact, he makes sure that the building has no major defects such as decay, cracks, water infiltration that could damage the health of the occupants. A pre-purchase inspection will allow you to clearly identify what is not working properly or what needs to be repaired or changed in the building. The selling or the purchase of a house is often completed after the visit so that both parties can be protected in case of major problems. In the same perspective, the inspector can also make a pre-sell inspection for a seller wishing to be well prepared before putting its property for sale. He will thus be able to make the necessary repairs before selling his home. It is the best solution in order to avoid bad surprises on the short or long term. Moreover, the inspector can at all time make preventive inspections to help you determine the origin of a breakage in your house and have thus a good resource for repair.