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Prefabricated Components Beam - Joist

The beam is put in horizontally between the joists of a floor in order to support the building.

Maisons Dunfab inc.
A family company founded in 1975 in charge of building sites in Granby, Sherbrooke and Montreal South Shore. Factory-made construction of floors and walls with rigid Insul-Wall. Serving contractors and self-builders Free assessment of your plan

Barrette Structural Inc.
Barrette Structural manufactures and distributes roof trusses, prefabricated walls and Open Concept Floor System. Our team of experts pledges to guide and accompany our customers from start to finish while delivering products that are safe, sound and of the utmost quality.

Hybrid Joist
HYBRID JOIST offers a vast array of building components, such as the new open web wood hybrid joist. With its economic, high-performance, robust and adjustable characteristics, this flooring system is very convenient for all kinds of works on the construction sites. We also supply different components that are used for making floorings, for example filler pieces, columns, middle jambs, pony walls, rimboards, l-joists, and LVL (header) beams.

Structures Ultratec inc. (Les)
Structures Ultratec Inc. offers you the following structural components: prefabricated exterior walls, party walls, bearing walls as well as beams and columns, open work beams, I-shaped beams and prefabricated trusses.

Dalbois - Kit de maison
General contractor from Saint-Ambroise specialised in the manufacturing of factory-made floor beams, walls and trusses and in the production and building of prefabricated homes.